Unlike a traditional playground in a box, the new Natural Children’s PlayScape project at Windsor Castle Park is integrated into the environment. Tunnels are part of the landscaping, slides are embedded into the hillside, and natural materials were used.  There are two main areas.  Towards the existing dog park is the “toddler area” with amenities that are reduced in size for young users.  Wrapped around the base of the picnic area is the main children’s area with slides, tunnels, log balance elements, climbing walls and sand pits. The BIG WOW Slide for those with a sense of adventure is located on the large incline on the far side of the picnic area.

This project was funded by the Windsor Castle Park Foundation and design & construction was done by the Natural Playground Company. The work is now complete and the PlayScape is open to the public!  All conveniently a short stroll across the boardwalk and through the park from Smithfield Station!  Plan a hotel stay, or just join us for lunch in the restaurant before or after you play.  This is such a great addition to our town and one we know many little kiddos and families will enjoy for years to come!

If you are interested in making a donation to assist the with cost of the project, please visit www.WCPFoundation.com.

Photo Credit: Windsor Castle Park Foundation – WCPF
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