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Mamas Creative Sweets

Every once in a while in this business things just make sense.

Mamas Creative Sweets
Every once in a while in this business things just make sense.  Two weeks ago my wife and I were lucky enough to have a Friday morning off of work together with no kids.  When we were making our plans for the day I received and email from Isle of Wight County Economic Development announcing the Entrepreneur of the Year.  This years recipient was Shannon Kokot of MAMAS Creative Sweets in Windsor.  I  learned she had also just been named the Chocolatier of the Year by Virginia Living Magazine for the state of Virginia.  I said to Erin, get ready but I am not telling you where we are going.  So we hopped in the car and drove the quick twenty minutes to Windsor to find out what all the fuss was about.
When we walked in the front door of her small shop, we were greeted by an overly welcoming gentlemen who turned out to be Shannons husband.  He gave us the grand tour of the chocolates they make and was generally interested in sharing his product with us.  Shannon had run out to finish an errand for her daughters birthday party later that evening.  We never had any intention of telling them why we were there but after two hours (and Shannons return) Erin and I left the shop with our jaws on the ground.  Not only were their chocolates delicious but we had just met two of the most genuine people in business who were so passionate about their business it renewed our belief in what we were doing in our family business.
I am happy to report that MAMAS Creative Sweets will now be featuring some of her delicious fruit pies exclusively at Smithfield Station.   Anything from a Banana Split Pie to a Blueberry Nectarine pie.  This is a dessert that did not exist until Shannon created them and I am here to tell you they are awesome.  It really is ok if no one comes in to sample these treats, it just means more for me ;)  Here is to MAMAS Creative Sweets - may you continue to enjoy your success.  A team as passionate as Shannon and her husband has earned their opportunity to shine and we are proud to offer them here at the Station.
Until next time, Randy Pack