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Smithfield Station Virginia

Local Visitors Blog

A Blog for Smithfield Virgina, dedicated to connecting visitors and guest to many of the amazing things Smithfield Virgina has to offer.

Mamas Creative Sweets

Every once in a while in this business things just make sense.

PieTwo weeks ago my wife and I were lucky enough to have a Friday morning off of work together with no kids.  When we were making our plans for the day I received and email from Isle of Wight County Economic Development announcing the Entrepreneur of the Year.  This years recipient was Shannon Kokot of MAMAS Creative Sweets in Windsor.  I  learned she had also just been named the Chocolatier of the Year by Virginia Living Magazine for the state of Virginia.  I said to Erin, get ready but I am not telling you where we are going.  So we hopped in the car and drove the quick twenty minutes to Windsor to find out what all the fuss was about.

Windsor Castle Archaeology

Dig to address many unknowns about the property.

Windsor Castle Archaeology

The five year old, Windsor Castle Park is an outdoor park located across from Smithfield Station, which provides 208 acres of riverside park. Guests are able to enjoy miles of walking trails, event space, a kayak launch and dog park. One of the buildings in the park, visible from The Station, has started an archaeology dig to learn more about this precious piece of land and Smithfield history.

Pagan River Wine Merchants & Smithfield Station

The Pagan River Wine Merchants Joins Smithfield Station

Pagan River Wine Merchants & Smithfield Station

We are happy to welcome the Pagan River Wine Merchants, a new addition the shoppes on the boardwalk at Smithfield Station!  This new shop is currently under construction and is shooting for a May 1 opening!

Coldest Winter On Record for Smithfield

A new record is set.

Coldest Winter On Record for Smithfield

So yeah, it was a cold winter here.  Coldest on record actually.  There are a couple of lessons that need to be learned from this.  For starters, Smithfield Station has seen its fair share of hurricanes over the year.  Nor’ Easters as well.  In fact, this is a place that insurance companies encourage boats to come during these events as we are considered a hurricane hole.  Never in 30 years have we lost a boat. 

Johnson and Son Seafood

You know what’s cool?

This business is cool and here is just another reason why.  My brother Brian, who is primarily responsible for overseeing our restaurant, went to high school with and played football with Ben and Jacob Johnson.  Ben and Jacob are twin brothers form Eclipse, VA.  Ben runs a soft shell crab shedding facility on Chuckatuck Creek, oysters and crabs.