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Smithfield Station Virginia

Local Visitors Blog

A Blog for Smithfield Virgina, dedicated to connecting visitors and guest to many of the amazing things Smithfield Virgina has to offer.

Rappahannock Oysters Are Here!

In the world of oysters, nothing reins king like the Chesapeake Bay Oyster!  For centuries, no region in the world could challenge the flavor of the Chesapeake Bay oyster.  But, since the 1970's the formerly famed Chesapeake Bay oyster has struggled to maintain its title as king and many species all but disappeared.  At its very worst, stocks fell to 1% of what they were in their hay day.  Fortunately, the tide has turned.. "Using modern aquaculture techniques, Rappahannock [Oyster Company] has been able to lead the renaissance of the Bay region" boasts the Rappahannock Oyster Company.  "Our oysters are grown in open waters, right next to the wild oysters - the only difference being that we grow them in cages so that come harvest time there's no destruction of the river bottom.  During their growth cycle, we monitor salt and temperature levels, guard against disease, cull out slow growers and misshapen shells, all to ensure that you get a consistently healthy, attractive, and succulent oyster."  

Smithfield Station has recently partnered with the Rappahannock Oyster Co. to provide our customers with what we feel is one of the very best oysters on the market.  Grown just 30 miles from our docks, the Rappahannock oyster has a major presence on our menu whether it be with our award winning Oyster Rockefeller, our Spady Specials - a classic roasted oyster, garlic and parmesan cheese recipe that is worth its weight in gold or quite possibly our Smoked BBQ Bacon Chipotle Oysters - with the Rappahannock River’s finest smoked bivalve with a little bit of classic Smithfield bacon, vinegar-based BBQ sauce and a touch of heat.  The partnership we have formed provides Smithfield Station's guest with oysters that are consistent in size, safely grown with an eye for the environment and delivered fresh to our docks three days a week.  Providing fresh, local ingredients in our menu is just one of the things that helps set Smithfield Station apart from the rest of the market and has been a major contributor in our 30 years of success.  If you really want to get down and enjoy some of the world's best oysters and oyster dishes, come check out Smithfield Station soon and enjoy our new partnership with the Rappahannock Oyster Co.  We promise you will leave nothing less than delighted!

Celebrating 30 Years In Business


Smithfield Station Celebrates 30 Years In Business

Family run business has staying power 

Smithfield, VA: Smithfield Station just celebrated 30 years in business.  The award-winning restaurant, hotel, marina and conference center located on the Pagan River in downtown Smithfield, Virginia opened its doors November 24, 1986.  Ever since, they have been serving delicious meals, delighting overnight travelers by both land and sea and providing beautiful, first-class riverfront conference facilities. 

In the lobby of The Restaurant at Smithfield Station hangs an article from Portfolio Magazine in 1987 that is a testament to Pack’s vision.  The article is the Golden Fork Awards and lists new restaurants worth watching.  Smithfield Station is the only restaurant on that list still in operation today.  Since opening in 1986 Smithfield Station has seen steady growth adding a Chesapeake Bay styled lighthouse in 1994, which serves as two luxury hotel suites, and five boardwalk cottages along the marina.  In 2007, Smithfield Station doubled in size when it opened twenty-two additional hotel rooms, a world class conference facility, retail shops and fifty additional marina slips. 

New Children’s PlayScape Now Open In Smithfield!

Children's Playscape
Unlike a traditional playground in a box, the new Natural Children’s PlayScape project at Windsor Castle Park is integrated into the environment. Tunnels are part of the landscaping, slides are embedded into the hillside, and natural materials were used.  There are two main areas.  Towards the existing dog park is the “toddler area” with amenities that are reduced in size for young users.  Wrapped around the base of the picnic area is the main children’s area with slides, tunnels, log balance elements, climbing walls and sand pits. The BIG WOW Slide for those with a sense of adventure is located on the large incline on the far side of the picnic area.  

The 2016 BOB Fest Is THIS Weekend!

BOB Fest has Arrived!!

smithfield boaters blog 1

The 2016 BOB Fest Is THIS Weekend! January is usually a time of post-holiday slumber, but historic Smithfield Virginia has turned that slumber into a rockin' party with the Smithfield BOB Fest - Bloody Mary's, Oysters, Brunswick Stew, BBQ… and more!

Held annually on the Saturday of Martin Luther King weekend, BOB Fest is held on the Pagan River in Windsor Castle Park located directly across from Smithfield Station in a 30,000 sq ft HEATED tent, and features delicious drinks, food, and rocking live entertainment from Hampton Roads premiere 80’s cover band The Deloreans

Zoo Knew?


I am the mom who tries to find things for kids to do at all times….mostly to keep our house a little cleaner by not being there. Fortunately, there are so many wonderful options in Hampton Roads and the surrounding area, that there is never a shortage of things to do. With two kids, a son who is two and a four year old daughter, and one of our favorite outings is to the Norfolk Zoo! Conveniently located only 45 minutes away from Smithfield Station.

On our first visit, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that there were so many animals, with signs at each exhibit so that we were able to learn together about the Malayan Tapir and the Rhinoceros Hornbill. The baby animals are especially exciting for my kids and over the last couple of years the zoo has welcomed a baby giraffe, a baby zebra and baby red pandas, among many others.  


smithfield boaters blog 1Every once in a while there are things in this business that are just really make you love what you do. Don't get me wrong, the hospitality business is a great one. You meet people from all over with all different stories.  

However, I really relate and love the transient boaters that come to Smithfield Station.  The past two years we have been voted by the readers of Chesapeake Bay Magazine as having the best dockmaster on the Lower Chesapeake Bay. Well, that's pretty easy to do when you love greeting your guests as they come in!